From professional, sleek and modern, to innovative and luxurious,
Beyond Elegance can
bring some fresh enhancements to your
commercial interior
or will create a design that suits your
brand image effectively.

An array of our products & services are apt for
hotel lobbies, guest rooms, & bathrooms, restaurants,
country clubs, cruise lines & spas.

Designer fabrics and leathers are
sold to the hospitality industry
at close-to-wholesale pricing
when cornices, bedspreads & draperies, shades,
headboards and/or upholstery services are ordered.

Mulino's Fairway Room
Polpos in Greenwich Full Dining Room Reupholstery

Quality uniform and linen services
are also available

Beyond Elegance
together with a
local uniform and linen
rental company
provide top quality products,
exceptional 24/7 service,



  • The same discounted price as with larger companies
  • An extra eye on quality control
  • Personal hands on service that's second to none
  • Accurate quotes on estimates and delivery dates
  • Delivery and Installation supervision
  • Follow up, without delay, to ensure satisfaction

As an owner or manager,
you know how important it is for
your place of business to look its best.
Our practical applications and ideas
meet that objective.

Uncomfortable seating, poor acoustics, poor lighting,
or awkwardly placed tables can prevent your clients from returning.

Your establishment needs to work in harmony with its space.
Along side your delicious cuisine and outstanding service
your guests expect their
surroundings to be
above par

Our selected color schemes , fabrics, furniture, and lighting
will enhance your brand image
and enrich your guest's experience.

Your menu or hospitality
with our design will not only
attract customers to your establishment,
but will keep them
coming back for more.


Enjoy viewing some of our hospitality projects below: